PF I: How to Improve Personal Financial Health

Here are some quick and very effective tips to improve your financial health:

  • First and the most important and most effective tip — Destroy all your credit cards. However, before doing this, write down your credit cards’ outstanding amounts, due dates, and other credit card details required while making a payment. Now, cut all the credit cards into four parts and throw them into the dustbin. Believe me, this will be your first major step toward a healthy financial position. 
  • Second, write down all (personal, home, education or other) your outstanding loan amounts in one place with their respective interest rates. Writing down all your debts (loans) in one place will give you a clear picture of your various and total liabilities.  
  • Third, Start writing down all your income and expenses month-wise and date-wise. You can use a diary, MS Office Excel, or Google Drive ( Make a habit of writing down each and every expense every single day. Otherwise you will forget.

These are my first three tips. Hope you liked them and will start using them very soon right from today. I will come up with some more useful tips for you very soon. Hope you like this. Let me know your views in the comments section.